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Triangle Miniatures is your American distributor for Front Rank, Elite and Calpe Miniatures/Figurines. We also stock Perry Miniatures. Each company specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality war games figures and collectors figurines. We also offer Brigade Uniform Plate and GMB Flags. We pride ourselves on distributing only high quality workmanship with attention to detail when packing and dispatching orders to our customers.

At Triangle Miniatures we do appreciate how important price is, so to make buying easier on your pocket we offer money saving Special Deal Packs. We also recognize that flexibility is required so we also sell figures individually. Right now our site is in the implementation stage and some links may not work.

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  We will no longer carry Victrix Limited or Warlord Games.

30% off on all plastics and 20% off on all metals. Order now while in stock. Click links above to see items available.
Steve Barber Models featuring NEW item Saxon Napoleonic
Calpe Miniatures featuring French & Saxon Napoleonic
Elite Miniatures featuring NEW items French Napoleonic 1800-14
Elite Miniatures featuring 30mm Collectors Series French
Elite Miniatures featuring NEW items Prussian Landewhr Lance Pennants
Elite Miniatures featuring Saxon, Spanish
& Early Russian Napoleonic
Front Rank Figurines featuring British Napoleonic Infantry Reinforcement
Front Rank Figurines featuring Russian Napoleonic Infantry Reinforcement
Front Rank Figurines featuring NEW items for Napoleonic Civilians
& Prussian Napoleonic
Perry Miniatures featuring American Civil War & Austrian Napoleonic

Perry Miniatures featuring British/Hanovarian Napoleonic
Perry Miniatures featuring Danish-Norwegian Napoleonic